Does Anyone Know?


I have a Friend that has taken a Mercedes out of a Western Star and replaced it with a 60 Series Detroit. If I remember right the truck is a 2005. Does anyone know if Western Star got into multiplex wiring. There are 29 wires in the Detroit harness and 19 in the Western Star harness. Also there is some type of controller or converter behind the steering wheel in the dash that I have no idea what it would be for, unless it is something that is connected to the Mercedes.

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Freightliner and Western Star are both multiplex, SAM module, anything in those years and up that had Mercedes power was multiplex.
The SAM can have a multitude of operations to perform, other than just lights. Unless you have a wiring diagram from the serial number
it can be a chore.


That is what I thought. He is supposed to be getting wiring diagrams. Hopefully the right ones. I was not aware that they used that for more than lights, that does however explain the shortage of wires going to the motor.
Thank You