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    My 1960 B-75

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    Random - Interesting trucks and trailers I saw today

    Have never seen one quite that long. How much reach do they have?
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    Does Anyone Know?

    That is what I thought. He is supposed to be getting wiring diagrams. Hopefully the right ones. I was not aware that they used that for more than lights, that does however explain the shortage of wires going to the motor. Thank You
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    Does Anyone Know?

    I have a Friend that has taken a Mercedes out of a Western Star and replaced it with a 60 Series Detroit. If I remember right the truck is a 2005. Does anyone know if Western Star got into multiplex wiring. There are 29 wires in the Detroit harness and 19 in the Western Star harness. Also there...
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    Some Holmes 750 action

    That is very unusual.
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    Liebherr G-BKF recovery vehicle

    I would bet that thing has a steep price tag.