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    Any one using electronic inspections ??

    Former employer told us that they were investigating a hand held reader that you has to click on different bar codes stickers or decals everyday to electronically prove you actually got on the ground to look . Not sure how it worked but just wondering if that's happening any where .
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    Cell Phones at a Restaurant

    We have all been out on a Saturday night out and had to deal with someone at the table being on the phone . It really didn't make me mad but it's been a burr under my saddle until last night . I am not taking credit for the idea ( Saw it on the net awhile back ) But I threw the Idea out there...
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    Lowboy and then some

    Another one of those what ever it takes days . Hauled a section of temporary railroad bridge .
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    Chevy pics and info

    Different Pictures and stuff I have on HD or found
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    GMC stuff

    Random stuff I have on the computer
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    random pics of the old Pete working

    Hauling a track frame off of a 300 ton crane 54,000 lbs Moving a conveyor for a sand plant . It had had 35 feet of hang over the back of an extendable trailer that was pulled out to 80 feet and wide Too
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    One Of My Favorite Chevy Pictures

    This Picture was taken back around 1990 . Classic Chevy Vs Ford mechanics truck . Gene had Rubbed Me hard about getting his brand mechanics and how much better it was than the 76 C 30 I had . I thought it was all in good fun until the spider gears blew out on Gene's Ford . I took this picture...
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    Beam Hauling

    Used to haul concrete beams daily out of Kansas City , Kansas . Think the shortest was 22 feet . Longest was 110 feet . The 110s were about the longest you could get out of the plant without a steerable trailer . The beam in this picture was a " Bulb Tee " . Top flange was wider that the bottom...
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    Just Another Day Trucking

    93 Pete 420 hp Cat deep 9 speed Vertical water pump for a power plant A Stubborn extendable trailer All a tad heavy
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    67 t850

    1st tractor boom truck I drove 67 T 850 , 534 gas motor 5 speed main box and a 4 speed aux box . 70 gallons of gas would last about 4 hours :eek2:eek2
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    Well I'm sure there isn't a category for this

    I've run a tractor mounted boom truck of one sort or another for a while now . Started with a 1967 T 850 ford and a gas 534 engine . 5 and 4 transmissions. After swapping jobs I'm right back in a boom truck . 2007 Pete with 23,000 miles on it , 550 Cat and 13 speed .... Damn nice truck , 19...
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    " If it wants Off , Let it off "

    I have heard this statement from a whole host of people . Flat bed guys and low boy hands a like seem to spout this a lot . I'm just wondering how many people actually believe in that statement . Don't tie a load down to stay on the trailer but instead just enough binders to let it break free...
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    Couple Of Jimmys on the job

    Couple of old trucks from before my time . The white tractor I did spend some time in .
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    hauling KW's

    Just pics from work of some of Iron I drove . On the trailer were a ramp from KCI airport being relocated . Random precast cell site building , and the crane house for a 718 Link Belt
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    Tough to hold loads

    Tough to tie fence panels and make them stay tight . Cleaned up a job and this was the last load . Thank God
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    Dealing with a stuck extendable

    Pic will explain ;) 70s model trailer that got used rarely
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    Two Trucks , 68,000 and NO Trailer

    Company I worked for has always been a can do outfit . The boss man seemed to find a way to get what ever the customer wanted done . Most of the time I saw his ideas and thought that he had pulled a rabbit out of his hat . He made money and the customers were more than happy . He got a call...
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    Moving Rock Equipment

    Stacker conveyor from one quarry to another
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    Sleep Apnea Testing

    11 12 2012 1st thing , Staff .. If there is a better place for please move .This deal lasted several months so it quite long but if your been told your going have have to do a sleep test it may be worth looking at my ordeal and avoid some of the goat roping 2 weeks ago I had to go for my...
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    Love affair of sorts

    With the old two stroke Detroit's that is . Kind of an unexplained deal because none of the one's I have been around were ever over powered and always had some sort of oil dripping from somewhere . The boom truck with a straight piped 8 V92 stole some of my hearing and still I love the sound of...