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  1. J

    2005 W900L C15

    Think it would run better with the rat turds back in the cylinders 😁 Glad to hear you got your relay.
  2. J

    3406 C low boost

    Posting here for someone else. "I just purchased this truck about 4 weeks ago i have a 3406 c 3zj43112 arg # 6I1733 15-17 manifold psi is all i can build up. I have replaced fuel lines from primary filter to transfer pump to second filter and then to pump. also replaced transfer pump got 40...
  3. J

    New piston design

    And let's try that picture again......
  4. J

    New piston design

    Looks like Volvo has a new piston shape. Looking at it I went, we'll duh, that looks like the combustion marks, why didn't I think of that? Pasted from their press release: GÖTEBORG, Sweden – The Volvo Group’s new truck engines are...
  5. J

    Driving through deep water (fording)

    Ok, so it's getting wet out there. Lots of areas are having some flooding. I know the old ma-deuces will go through 5or6 got of water. We've all seen Russian log trucks crossing rivers. How deep have you taken your truck? There had to be some good stories in this bunch! Back when I lived...
  6. J

    Pneumatic clutch actuator

    Has anyone put a brake treadle in place of a hydraulic clutch master cylinder. Then used a small brake pot on the clutch lever on the transmission? By adjusting the size of the brake pot and the air pressure the feel could be made to be decently acceptable. A stop solenoid, like a high idle...
  7. J

    Identify this Rear

    Timken Detroit Axle company.
  8. J

    Changing rear end gear ratios.

    Question for the folks on here. I'm truck shopping and I've found a few late 90s-early 2000s that I like, except for the rear end gear ratios. In a Volvo VNL, how hard is it to swap the ring and pinion? Is it a drop in like a Ford 9" or does it require careful shimming? Would an axle swap be...
  9. J

    Smoking out of crankcase breather.

    Hey,I know this is a shot in the dark, but it's been a slow day. Last night I was looking at a truck on eBay. Clean, early 2000s, 13L engine, 850,000 miles, problem is the truck was headed through Texas and started smoking out the breather. It's too old for him to bother with so it's a good...