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Thread: Eaton 9 speed issue

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    Eaton 9 speed issue

    Hey guys. Need some advice. Don't know that much about trannies so need some help. I have a older 94 Ford L9000 with the L10 and a 9 speed. I don't know what its referred to as, either a splitter or hi/lo gear. But when I am in 9th gear and cruising, sometimes when I let off the fuel pedal it sounds like that gear makes a noise like I am flipping the switch, but Im not. It does not do it a lot, but it does do it enough that I am getting concerned. I heard that it is pretty easy to gain access to. I am pretty mechanically inclined and if its not to hard would like to tackle myself if possible. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it.

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    Late in a reply-you only have low and direct range with a 9 speed. 1st question does the shift lever move back and forth when letting on and off the fuel? If so the main shaft is moving
    forward and aft because the bearings are worn. I'm guessing the transmission is a RT-157-9A. When was the last time any work was done to it? How many miles on it? It could be any
    number of problems with it and more money to repair it than it's worth. A reman might be the simplest way to go.

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