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Thread: Paccar PX8 DPF code

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    Paccar PX8 DPF code

    Paccar PX8 2008 ISC315 code SPN 3251-FMI0 DPF is good, serviced and tested, the pressure sensor is good, will not regenerate. Any suggestions

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    Please provide engine serial number. Is this the only fault you have present? If you reset, does it come active during the regen and never complete? Have you inspected the pressure sense tubes closely for leaks, restrictions, and proper routing? How many times has this DPF been cleaned? Any history of Oil or coolant consumption with this engine?

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    Engine Number 46739547, this is the only fault, the code clears and returns immediately, engine speed is restricted, pressure tubes verified clean and leak free and properly routed, first time for DPF cleaning that I am aware of, no real history of engine oil or coolant consumption. Truck only has 125,000 miles, not a road truck, it is a Kenworth service body used locally for hauling equipment and supplies to job-sites.

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    Thanks for that. Please double check fault info. That fault converts to 5715 Cummins code which does not apply to the ESN given. Is there any way you can get hooked up with Insite or another tool to verify fault information? Also were you able to perform the DPF maintenance resets after filter cleaning? If the engine is derated you should have more than one fault present. There are a ton of software updates related to aftertreatment as well.

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    The truck will not regen from the switch

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    That's my bad. Cummins FC 1922. You will need Insite to reset The DPF due to maximum soot load reached. I'm not sure if any aftermarket tools will do this or not?

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    Solved! Found a friend with Cummins Insight software, we were able to force regen through the software. Once we did that the code disappeared.

    Thanks for all the help!!

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    You're welcome. Glad you got it.

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