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Thread: Harmonic Balancer

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    Harmonic Balancer

    GM I have a 96 International 4900 DT466E engine. I am trying to get the harmonic balancer off. I took the 3 bolts out from the center of it but I cannot get the plate for those bolts out to gain access to the crank. Is there a trick to get that center plate out so I can gain access?

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    You know I'm not sure but I think that plate is part of the balancer. Have you tried removing the balancer as it is right now?

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    That plate does indeed come out, they usually have rtv sealing/sticking them in there, pointy bar or long bolt, wiggling and patience.

    Those dampers are an interference fit on the crank snout, must be heated internally to a certain temp (can't remember how hot) to install, I used an electric cattle dehorner that fit inside the damper and of course a temp gun.
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