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Thread: Allison swap

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    Allison swap

    I am building a T370 Kenworth into a dump truck. The problem is the transmission is a 3000HS which doesn't have a provision for a PTO. Does anyone know if I can swap in a MD3560P, plug it in, get the controller re-programmed, shorten the drive shaft and be back in business? By the specs on the Allison site it looks like the transmission will work for what I am intending to do, the electronics of the swap is what I am not sure of. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Allison tech line is very helpful. Phone is 800-524-2303. Turns out a MD3060P won't work. Need a 3000RDS. So if anyone has a 3000RDS sitting on the shelf, I'd be interested in it, otherwise I think I found one for a reasonable price with no core charge, guy is supposed to get back to me today.

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    Why don't you start a thread on this build and keep us posted with your progress? I'm sure our members would like to see the project, I know I would!
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    Me too ^

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