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Thread: Help with 1988 C70 Holley Carb

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    Help with 1988 C70 Holley Carb

    I have a 1988 C70 with a 427 in it and I'm having trouble identifying the carb that's on it. It's an old Snap On truck and the tag that is usually on it to tell you what it is has been gone a while.

    Its a 4 barrel Holley carb that has two metering blocks and floats, and the only numbers Ive been able to pull off it are the ones in the picture. I'm no expert on carbs so any help in identifying it would be greatly appreciated.

    Mainly I know that it needs new power valves, so help in finding the gaskets for the metering blocks and float would be great, and what size power valve it takes. I would just take it apart and then try to figure it out but we can't be down this truck for too long so parts in hand would be nice.

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    A GM dealer should be able to help you find the parts using the trucks vin, that is an OEM carb, I am not sure that they had tags on them, if it had one it should be on one of the vacuum secondary pot screws.

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    I thank those numbers tell you everything and they had no tag. Find a different supplier.

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    Hey bud, I own a 1990 C70 and I know these trucks pretty good, still need any help with the carb?

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