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Thread: New tires for our trucks.

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    New tires for our trucks.

    I want to buy new tires for my trucks. Tires wearing out has been an issue for us. So, I decided to buy a good brand this time. It is hard to choose from plenty of options. While I was searching on the net, I came across this blog ( . It tells how we should choose the right tire. It's a useful blog so I'm sharing it here. Our trucks go for long hauls carrying heavy loads. I need to choose a tire brand that can withstand high load and also help with miles. Can anyone suggest one from experience?


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    Truthfully Bridgestone or Michelin for steer tires. Drop axle any tire that has shallow tread depth and just straight grooves works best. Highway traction
    is what we run and seem to get the same mileage on most brands. But keeping them rotated is key and 105 psi on steer and 100 psi on drop and drive.

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    Money well spent would also be to have your equipment inspected and aligned by a qualified truck tech before throwing thousands of new rubber on them. Some minor adjustments may save on wear big time. Tires are what they are, like anything else in life- You get what you pay for....

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