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Thread: Climax Engine Co.-V85

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    Climax Engine Co.-V85

    I found this pic of a Climax V85, a very rare engine. I have personally seen one, a guy I know has one that came off of a rotary snow plow.
    There were two plows custom built by either FWD or Oshkosh to plow the old highway over Snoqualmie Pass in Washington St. The plows were
    built in the late 30's or early 40's. He bought the engine from what was left of the plow. The V-85 didn't drive the plow, it sat on the back and
    only powered the rotary unit. He said there was a 500 gallon gas tank on the back also. Snow depth at the pass as recorded by the railroads
    could reach 35' for a winter back then.

    Bore-7 1/2"
    Weight-12,000 lbs

    Truck Shop

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    Climax locomotive engine are powerful but seems new ones are not produced.

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