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Thread: Any one here runs any HINO brand trucks?

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    Any one here runs any HINO brand trucks?

    I have a few new zealand model HINO trucks,does anyone else want to talk about their HINO's?

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    Hino are great trucks.
    Personally i think they are more reliable than Isuzu but the parts are 4 x the price over Isuzu.
    If anyone ever asks me i always say go for a Isuzu or Hino and you would be happy.
    Next on the list is UD

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    I donate time working for a company that caters to the disabled here in the US we had a Hino in our small fleet of 24 ft box vans. We had two Fords an International and the Hino. The Hino would run day after day and never see the shop all the others seemed like at least once a month they would have some sort of issue. I have attempted to find one to slide under a motor home body. Good truck!

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