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Thread: 185 Hino

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    Hi Geoff ,
    Was your box custom made, with the side doors? Does it have a roll up door on the back, or barn doors? I think the curb side doors would be handy. Silly question. Do you guys drive on the right in New Zealand ?
    Cheers, Martin

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    auckland new zealand
    Hi Martin,
    How is everything going up in your neck of the woods?How much mileage is your truck up to now?Any problems with your truck since we last communicated

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    Hi Geoff
    Going pretty well here. Been away to the Dominican Republic for holidays. Back to the grind now.
    Have had a couple issues with the truck. Thought it was injector pump problems. Couldn't get it over 40 kph. Pulled the fuel tank, and cleaned. Still did it. Changed the suction valve on the pump. Worked good for a couple days. It didn't have any codes or lights come on. So I was stumped. Ended up changing the mass air flow sensor. That was the problem. Works perfectly now. Been getting 16 miles per gallon maybe a little better. I don't really keep track. I just put fuel in it when it needs it.
    Hope all is well with you and business is good.

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    hi I was wondering what horsepower my 97 fd hino was and also is there any problems with this model I shoild look for... thanks cj

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    Hi falconman
    I don't have a FD but I do have a few other Hinos.
    To the best of my knowledge, your truck should have the H07D motor at 180hp.

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