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Thread: 1962 Loadstar 1800 advice?

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    1962 Loadstar 1800 advice?

    I am new to this forum, and I want some expert advice.
    Is a 1962 Loadstar 1800 worth buying? Can it be a practical truck to own? Are parts available? I found one cheap ($800), and I could use a truck that can move a heavy load occasionally, for personal use. At the moment, I don't have a lot of details on the truck. The exterior condition looks decent for the age. I have not driven to inspect it yet. If it will be impossible to find parts for, I won't bother.

    Also, from what I can find online, the GVWR is 30,200 pounds. Is it worth getting a CDL for personal use?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Parts for those old Internationals are getting real scarce. Engine, transmission parts especially transmission parts are tough to find and expensive. But most any
    of the trucks that old are hard to find parts for, most brake parts are obsolete.

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    Thank you. I'm starting to think this may be more trouble than it's worth.

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    International made many of their own parts instead of using parts from common manufacturers for main components. This makes them harder to find now like Truck Shop mentioned. IH owners had to buy the majority of repair parts from the dealers instead of generic parts stores as a result. While they were a very reputable truck during that time period they were dependent on the dealer network for survival.

    Here in NY a CDL costs double what a regular driver's license does. I still maintain mine even though I haven't been in a truck for quite some time, for me I like the feeling of being able to drive anything I might need to. If you're a natural driver or operator and are good at comprehension the toughest part of getting a CDL will be getting a truck to take it in.
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