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Hard work do kills people, rest is important for good general health

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With a passage of time all, these sayings are losing their meanings. May be they are there but the things mentioned in them are changing face. For instance, we can take the example of hard work here. When they were building Rome then at that point of time meaning of hard work was something else, it was the time when they were dealing with big stones and they were doing all sorts of physical machines were nowhere in the sight. Artificial sources of energy were nowhere in the sight. Even the life was not that complicated as it is right now. However, things have changed drastically now, now we are living in a mechanical world. This is a world where hard work means going out for all those sedentary routines. Here hard work means working amidst all those pressure cooker situations and here hard work means taking care of the things when you are under tremendous pressure to perform. If we go by the principles of the human evolution then our next generations will be in a much better position to entertain stress and other things. They will act with a genetically improved mega minds and this is where they will score over the things and come up with better solutions to the events. We are more dependent on physical activity levels if we are compromising on them then we are going to lose the game with big quarters. As a summation we can say that if you are not adding physical work to your mental outings then probably this is a hard work and this hard work has the power to invite some fatal diseases for you. Next time when you think about your hardworking schedules then think again and consider comfortable sedentary positions as hard working positions.

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  1. td25c's Avatar
    Yeah ronhillrx ... My take on it is people are people for the most part regardless of the time frame in history .

    Some jobs are more labor intense then others . Operating equipment or truck driving is one thing , running a hand shovel or pouring concrete on a hot day is something else .

    I get to experience both with my job and love it . Although I do catch a short nap rite after dinner at noon to rejuvenate myself for the afternoon work at times . It's hell getting older .

    Stress .... Cold barley soda
  2. Torpedoheat's Avatar
    Proper diet, rest and exercise are all tied together.