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Truck Driver Assistance System In Mining

The requirements for driver assistance systems utilized in mining are especially strict, as they need to have the ability to deal with the extreme environment and hard working conditions. High system through-put, dependability, and really low incorrect alarm rate are likewise anticipated.
A lot of incorrect alarms and the driver will rapidly overlook them, rendering the financial investment meaningless. In regards to the human-machine relationship, the driver represents the weakest link; even in mining, fatigue and inattention make individuals the primary reason for accidents.

The*Anti-Collision Warning System AWS650 is a warning system for collision prevention and lane deviation warning. It was designed for all types and sizes of dumpers.*The largest of these is over 15 meters (approx. 50 feet) long, almost 10 meters (30 feet) wide, and weighs 570 tons when loaded.
This is equivalent a weight of around 330 medium-sized vehicles. *At this size, it is practically impossible for the driver to maintain an overview of all areas of the vehicle in all driving scenarios. This is where the AWS650 comes into play.It determines the position of the truck on the road. The driver is alerted if the truck veers to close to the edge of the road or unintentionally fringes upon the opposite lane. If the driver purposefully leaves the road, to make a turn or evade a barrier, the system recognizes this and does not issue a (false) alarm.
*If a critical situation is detected, it alerts the driver visually, according to the situation in question. An audible alarm also helps attract the driverís attention.

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    by , 12-08-2016 at 12:04 AM (Truck Driver Assistance System In Mining)
    A lane departure or roadway departure accident is defined as a non-intersection crash that occurs when a vehicle leaves the traveled lane, either by crossing the center line or edge line. These crashes can involve running off the roadway to the left or the right, or crossing the median or center line and striking an oncoming vehicle.
    According to the Federal Highway Administration, the majority of highway fatalities are attributable to roadway departures, accounting for thousands of crashes ...